Melinda’s Angelina Ballerina classes are relaxed and fun. She engaged with all the kids with a real warmth and interest and they all seemed to respond to her really beautifully. (And Melinda looks like a REAL ballerina too!) Angie, mother of Hana 3


My daughter has been going to Angelina Ballerina classes for a term now and looks forward to going every week. Melinda is a patient, kind and professional teacher who makes the girls feel comfortable and creates a fun and friendly dance class. Thank you Melinda for introducing Lillian to the world of ballet!


Having just completed the first term of Angelina Ballerina Classes with Miss Melinda my daughter Ruby can not wait to start Term 2. Melinda is a beautiful, patient teacher and the girls all look so gorgeous doing their pliĆ©s! The length of the class is perfect and Ruby is learning a lot while having fun too. So pleased to have found this class. Thanks Melinda.  Kerrilee


” A beautiful, fun and inspirational way to introduce the elegancy and poise of Ballet to our little Princes & Princess’s” Vonny